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Pictures of the graduation ceremony

On june 27th 2000 I graduated. This page contains pictures of the ceremony, the reception afterwards, and the diner party to celebrate that I had become a doctor.

Mr. Kloeg helping me to get dressed in my white tie costume.

In front of Kloeg's magzine. Ready to go...

Announcement in the congress centre of the University.

Announcement in the congress centre of the University.

Presentation for family, friends, and colleagues.

Family, friends, and colleagues.

The committee enters the room.

The chairman of the committee opens the session. On the left: Prof. van der Werff, my promotor.

First question.

I answer the question.

The committee leaves the room.

Prof. van der Werff signs my diploma.

The committee re-enters the room.

Prof. van der Werff congratulates me. I am a doctor!

The committee and me with my diploma on the stairs.

Congratulations at the reception afterwards.

Family at the reception.

More family...

My wife, Berna, congratulates and thanks Mr. Remery, and Prof. van der Werff, who made the whole research project possible.

My father - who took photographs - my mother, and my mother in law at the diner party.

Family, friends, and colleagues at the diner party.

Me and my wife Berna, who took pictures too.